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15 July 2019

Thugs break into Moses’s house. Watch Isipho Monday - Thursday at 6:30PM.


Ntombi is upset when she sees a story in the newspaper putting Impilo Labs in a positive light and she decides to confront the journalist.

Lwandle tries to apologise to Ntombi but she rejects his apology. Mpendulo blames himself for his wifes cheating ways.


Nkanyezi tries to convince Ntombi to let her fight against Impilo Labs go.

Thugs break into Moses’s house.

Moses and Mpendulo discuss African knowledge and Moses reveals he also sees visions like Mpendulo.

The energy pills Neo is taking are making him behave out of character.


Ntombi reveals that the robbers who robbed them were working for Impilo Labs. Lwandle isn’t impressed when he’s accused of orchestrating the break in.

Nomzingeli cuts all ties with Neo.


Ntombi apologises to Lwandle for accusing him of orchestrating the break in but he won’t forgive her.

Percy and Tandzile meets again and he isn’t impressed with her.

Under influence of the pills Neo does something he hasn’t done before, being blatantly honest and kisses Nomzingeli in front of a shocked congregation.

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