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This week on Rhythm City

14 May 2019

Suffo tries to make Puleng happy but cannot get enough of Gail.  Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Gail and Suffo try to digest what happened between them.

Mapula offers Keabetswe some support and Sis Bee is at the end of her tether.


Gail gives both David and Suffo what they want.

Mapula is worried about Keabetswe after the abortion and Jafta goes to new lengths to keep Bee.


Gail and Suffo come to a new agreement.

Will Keabetswe find the help she needs? Jafta is finally busted.


Suffo does what he can to make Puleng happy again.

Mapula is shocked when she sees her university results and Sis Be couldn’t be any prouder of her man.


Suffo seeks Gail out again!

Mapula finds a new tutor and Jafta stumbles over another hurdle.

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