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Get to know the Harvest widow: Celia Mahlamvu Jele

Lwazi Mluma |
28 April 2017

Played by the award-winning actress, Masasa Mbangeni, Celia is the feisty leader of the widows. Harvest premieres on Monday, 1 May at 9:30PM.

How far would you go to keep your family afloat? Celia has had to cross so many lines for her family – she has bribed cops, slept with criminals and even travelled vast distances while heavily pregnant.

Through crossing those lines, Celia helped her husband, Mandla, acquire an MBA degree, which in turn helped them build an illegal international business alongside friends.

But the business forced the Eastern Cape-born to sacrifice her true love. It also caused her to ruin her relationship with her only daughter, Ndoni. And because of that, she had to step back and start an NGO to make a difference in the community.

Watch Masasa Mbangeni talk about her role as Celia in the video below:  

When Mandla dies, she steps back into the business as the CEO. But, will she survive the criminal world that became so much bigger and deadlier than her days of just dodging cops on roadblocks?

Judge her or not, Celia is who she is because of the circumstances she had to endure.

Don’t miss the premiere episode of Harvest on Monday, 1 May at 9:30PM. #Harvest